When should you have your land surveyed?

If you’re going to be selling or buying land, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s been surveyed recently. An up-to-date and accurate survey of the land will make certain that the legal property lines listed on the deed are correct, and any discrepancies between neighboring land owners can be addressed promptly. Most lenders and buyers will want a recent, up-to-date land survey before the purchase.

When changes are made on your land or your neighbor’s property, the old survey will become unreliable. It’s possible that things such as a new fence to an added deck, pool, building or even road, can render your old survey obsolete; it’s good to have a surveyor mark your property before making any improvements. Legal issues will need taken care of before a sale can be completed.

When should you have your Land Surveyed?

If nothing changes, when do I need to update a survey?

Every state is different with the amount of time that a surveyor will guarantee their documentation of your property. They will still be liable for the accuracy of a survey for five to ten years. So, you’re probably wondering how recent is recent. That depends on the type of land. Low development areas, where not much construction has taken place, five to ten years old would be the appropriate time frame. Any older than that and it’s wise to have it surveyed again, just to make sure there are no inaccuracies. The areas where there has been a lot of activity, you’re going to need to have a much more recent survey on record.

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