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Since 1994, Principal Meridian Surveying, Inc. has been the premier Boundary Surveyor in south Florida. Therefore, Principal Meridian Surveying, Inc. will deliver a fast turnaround, in comparison to our competitors, that will help you meet your critical project deadlines.

We take pride in every boundary survey we deliver to our clients. How do we achieve this? By providing exceptional service, industry-leading quality of work, and competitive pricing. Our boundary surveyor team is the best in south Florida. Contact us today or order a boundary survey now to find out how our team can go to work for you!

Why Hire PMSI as Your Boundary Surveyor?

As a result of 27 years of experience in boundary surveying, Principal Meridian Surveying, Inc. is your south Florida boundary survey expert. We are located in West Palm Beach, Florida and service the areas between Port St. Lucie, Florida and Miami, Florida. We are located where YOU need us.

We specialize in both residential boundary surveying and commercial boundary surveying.

Typical Boundary Surveys:

  • Residential Construction Surveys
  • Commercial Construction Surveys
  • Mortgage Boundary Surveys
  • Boundary/Lot Surveys
  • Building Stakeout
    (Four corners of building envelope)
  • Site Plan

Our Boundary Surveying Process

Defining your property lines is what we do best. How do we do this?

  1. Review county registry to locate existing deeds for the property and surrounding properties.
  2. Conduct research to locate documentation from prior surveys.
  3. Our ground work begins! Each corner of the property is located and marked.
  4. Compile all our information and complete your boundary survey.

Look no further for your south Florida boundary survey needs than Principal Meridian Surveying, Inc. in West Palm Beach, FL.

What is a Boundary Survey?

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