What is a Plat Survey?

Plat surveys are used for identifying parcels of land over a large area where precise estimates and boundaries would be too expensive or difficult to carry out. The survey is presented with the same details from the starting point and back again in text, in addition to the visual re-creation of the location.

Therefore, when a developer wants to subdivide a large piece of land into smaller plots and parcels, they must go through the statutory process of “plating.” A new residential subdivision’s residential lots, streets, and parks are created from these smaller areas.

What is a Plat of Survey?

A plat is a map drawn to scale that depicts how a piece of land is divided. Roads and other easements may also be legally dedicated using plats. In other words, it depicts your home on your property with complete lot lines, set-backs, and easements.

A plat is an official scaled-down map of a land area that demarcates the borders between various parcels of land. To construct this map as accurately as possible, a plat survey is used. Metes and bounds are a popular way of describing land divisions. This is a method for identifying various boundaries that uses geographic features, distances between points, and directions. These lines are drawn from a starting point and then circled around the area until they return to the same point.

Plat Survey in South Florida

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