How Long Does It Take To Get A Land Survey Done?

Land surveying is a scientific technique used to determine a property’s points and distances between them. These points are used to create boundaries for ownership and establish land maps. Surveyors use physics, mathematics, engineering and law to establish these land boundaries. The time it takes to get a land survey honestly depends on your type of property and the quality of the existing deeds.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Land Survey Done?

A physical survey cannot even begin until surveyors research and review the deeds and plats for the property, then gather information about the properties that surround your land. For instance, some of this information may be available online, and some may have to be accessed through the local courthouse. Making a trip to retrieve physical deeds can prolong the survey process by a few days or more.

The quality of the deeds can also affect how long it takes surveyors to complete their job. Deeds could have conflicting information. In that case, the land surveyor must do research to determine when property lines changed and find proof of their current legal status. Afterwards, land surveyors visit the property they are working on and record physical evidence of property lines. These include iron stakes, fence lines and walls. Afterwards, they’ll compare this with data and records carefully. Records will come from the courthouse as part of the compilation of the survey drawing. The process may take one day or up to two weeks or more, depending on property size and accessibility to the correct information. More time-consuming research affects the overall cost for land surveying.

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