What is a Right-of-Way Survey?

A right-of-way survey in South Florida is used to determine any rights that could be held on your property by public or private ownership. Why would a public or private ownership require use of your property in the South Florida? Think of a utility company that needs access to their power lines or gas line that runs through your property. A right-of-way is necessary on your property for the companies to access their property, which is permitted by law.

Oftentimes referred to as easements, right-of-way agreements are very common throughout South Florida and normally only reflect a section of land containing a pipeline, electrical line, sewer line, access road, among others.

Right-of-Way Survey in the South Florida

A right-of-way survey is conducted to prepare a map or plat of your property. Also known as an easement survey, a South Florida right-of-way survey will begin by our specialists reviewing the most recent property survey and will account for the locations of proposed crossings or existing crossings. These items will be included on the right-of-way survey drawing. Finally, the finished drawing is presented to the client and public body or private company for approval.

With a right-of-way survey, Principal Meridian Surveying, Inc. will take a look at the total property to ensure that all information is properly documented. As a result, you will have the proper piece-of-mind when you receive your easement survey report.

Why Hire PM Surveying As Your South Florida Right-of-Way Surveyor?

As a result of more than 20 years of experience in Right-of-Way surveying, Principal Meridian Surveying, Inc. is your West Palm Beach, Florida R.O.W. survey expert. We are located in West Palm Beach, Florida and service the areas between Port St. Lucie, Florida and Miami, Florida. Centrally located, where YOU need us.

Since 1994, Principal Meridian Surveying, Inc. has been the premier Right-of-Way Surveyor in the South Florida. We take pride in every right-of-way survey we deliver to our clients. How do we achieve this? By providing exceptional service, industry-leading quality of work, and competitive pricing. Our surveyor team is the best in South Florida. Contact us today or order a right-of-way survey now to find out how our team can go to work for you!