How is a Survey marked?

A surveyor places survey markers to label major points on the land’s surface. For instance, the surveyor may place survey markers at the northeast and southwest corners of a piece of land to physically represent the boundaries. The legal description for a property, which is the land dimensions in words, may reference the placed markers. A property’s legal description is needed for real estate documents such as deeds and mortgages.

How is a Survey marked?

Types of Markers

Markers today may come in various forms, including iron pins, but the most common used markers are stakes and flags. In the past, surveyors used less permanent materials, such as wood stakes, local landmarks, and stones. The surveyor places the marker into the ground and secures it when finished, but may tie ribbons on trees and use other temporary markers while doing field work. Private surveyors usually inscribe their markers with information that easily identifies them, such as their state license or certificate number. A surveyor for a government project may use the project name and number or another official label approved for use by the agency.      


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